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Royalty Free Promotion was formed in the late 2014's in order to support artist and promote Free To Use Music


More Detailed Version

Royalty Free Promotion, before the name change started promoteing music from artists that released under the Free To Use at this time there was very few places that done this sort of thing along with running background checks or even supported the song after the original artist had changed the conditions for using the song.

Near the end of 2014 some changes were made to make things look better and more professional such as creating a logo & banner for the few platforms that we were releasing on, this was also when it was decided that a change of name was needed in-order to match the objective that was being set.

Once this had been done a Facebook Page & Soundcloud Channel was created in the late 2016 for another platform to release on and another place for people to contact us if need be, along with that an instagram was made but this does not get used to often.

After setting up the basic Social Media sites at the time, music was being released at random so we found that this was something that had to be fixed to give each song release an equal amount of time, to this day the time frame is constantly being changed based on demand.

Up until 2017 all submissions were being done though an email, this was changed in mid 2017 when we started up a website that had mutiple changes since and started processing submissions through Google Forms.

In no time 2019 came roung the corner and we had seen a lot of Remixed & Original songs and due to the volume of Original songs, the Remixed one would never get put up so this is when duel uploads would have to happen one Original and one Remixed if there was one that is.

In late 2020 song submission were moved from Google Forms to Zoho Forms due to the wider support range and easy to use functionality.

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